A yurt is a circular tent made of wool felt with a collapsible wood frame structure originally used by nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Yurts have now been modernized and used to create a unique experience for tourists.
At Kings' Valley resort, we want to introduce the “glamping” experience. Combining the experience of camping with resort-like amenities, guests can sleep in their own private fully furnished yurt, which comes serviced with electricity, water, insulation, and indoor plumbing. During their stay, guests will also have access to all services and activities available at the resort.

Yurt’s composition

Yurts will vary in size and will fit from 2 to 6 people depending on furniture and composition, which will include a bathroom in each yurt.
Comfort Bedroom
Triple Beds
Bunk beds
Full Bathroom


The Yurt camp will be located on a flat and non-flat areas at 500 m distance from the lake.

Capacity & services

The camp, which will consist of 35 yurts in various capacities, should accommodate between 140 to 180 guests, and will include on-site services, such as a breakfast tent, a large open-air barbecue restaurant, and a special bonfire place for campers to enjoy.