Lake Side Restaurant

Capacity 160 seats
The lake side restaurant is one of the main food outlets of the resort. Currently open, it offers traditional Syrian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This restaurant will be renovated and will continue to offer its services to both residents of the resort and outside guests all day long, with musical entertainment in the evenings and during weekends.



• Traditional Syrian rustic breakfast (olive varieties, dairies varieties, organic eggs…)

Lunch and dinner

• Traditional mix grill specialties
• Grilled chicken
• Grilled fish
• Salads
• Soft & alcoholic drinks

Fast food restaurants

All around the resort, there will be multiple fast-food restaurants and food trucks
that offer burgers, pizza, fries, manakish and other tannour & saj products.

Lake side terraces

Capacity 800 seats

Terraces will be serviced by the lake side restaurant, the fast-food restaurants, the cafés and the bars, so guests can order their food and drinks from any of these outlets.

Mountain panoramic restaurant

Capacity 200 seats
A separate building located at the highest point of the resort will be turned into a restaurant/lounge where guest can dine while enjoying a panoramic view of the whole resort and the surrounding landscapes. It can be accessed through special paths in the woods or by car from outside of the resort.

All Day Cafés and Bars

Various cafés and bars, spread in many places, serving cold and hot drinks, beers, ice cream, crackers, chips, and other snacks...etc.
In addition to the restaurants located in the hotel and at the yurt camp